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How to get FREE Animoticons on MSN 7

A lot of people ask me how to get some free animoticons. I decided to show you how you can.
First of all, you must have them on your computer. You can use a peer to peer (p2p) programme, like E-mule. You must look for ".mco" (without double quotes) with your programme and then download the animoticons you have found.
Attention: it's outlaw to download the animoticons if they have a copyright

When you have your animoticons, go here and download MSN BackUp, the fundamental programme to install the animoticons.

After the install of the programme, it's easy: in the top bar on the left insert your email that you use for the MSN account, then click on the right (the yellow image) and find your animoticons. Select them, and with another click on "install element" the animoticons will be avaible on MSN Messenger!

Attention: we can't remove the animoticons. So, it's better if you don't install too many of them ;-)

Free Emoticons

Here is where you can find thousands of free emoticons that you can use on MSN Messenger

There are a lot of site where you can download the emoticons.

Here you can find the emoticons that other persons have sent.They are divided in many categories.
You can also find images for you profile.

Messenger Place
It offers many emoticons really original: some of them are very nice!


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